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Measuring the size and number of aerosols over the Pacific Ocean

Published on: Author: cswauthor

by Joseph Niehaus Relaxing on the bow of the ship brings a fresh breeze, plenty of sunshine, and a fine mist from the waves. When the waves on the open ocean break, small droplets of salt, water and biological material are lofted into the air. These droplets are transported vertically by the wind and may… Continue reading

Bern McKiernan facilitates Sikuliaq science with a great attitude

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by Christina Wertman, University of Rhode Island With his remarkable beard, positive attitude and colorful shirts, Bern McKiernan is a pleasure to sail with on the R/V Sikuliaq. Bern has been working as a marine technician on the R/V Sikuliaq since operations started in 2014. A marine technician is the liaison between the ship’s crew… Continue reading